How Chia Seeds Benefits Diabetes?

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Chia seeds benefits diabetes and have become one of the most popular healthy foods today. Chia seeds are valued for its high medicinal properties and nutritional values. Diabetes is a metabolic disorder in which body stops or produces less insulin in less amount and thus cause high blood sugar levels. I’ve always been trying to promote natural resources that can be used to treat diabetes because insulin injections which doctors usually prescribe to their patients have many side effects and is not a permanent treatment. Today we’re talking about how chia seeds benefits diabetes.

How Chia Seeds Benefits Diabetes?

  1. High in antioxidants (Orac value of 10,000 vitamin E equivalents)
  2. High in vitamins and minerals (calcium, potassium & minerals)
  3. 20% Omega 3 ALA.
  4. 37% dietary fibers.
  5. 20% protein.

Chia seeds are rich in alpha-linolenic acid and fiber. It helps in preventing the metabolic disorders like dyslipidemia (excessive fat in the blood) and insulin resistance, which are two factors in the development of diabetes.

Chia seeds contain omega-oil which with its antioxidants are helpful in controlling blood sugar levels but the fiber in it is a bigger benefit. It slows down the glucose passage in the blood. Chia seeds are known to control appetite as it fills you up. These seeds are a power booster, Aztecs use to carry bags of during mountain climbing.

The research published by British Journal of Nutrition

Test 1 – Evaluated how healthy Wistar rats responded to three weeks of a sucrose-rich diet (SRD) in which chia seeds made up the primary dietary source of fats.

Examination–  During the first examination, eating chia seeds completely prevented the onset of dyslipidemia and insulin resistance. In fact, the blood levels in these rats didn’t change at all in spite of having 65 percent of their diets composed of sugar for three weeks!

Test 2–  Scientists took healthy rats and fed them an SRD for three months so they developed dyslipidemia and insulin resistance. Then, they fed these newly diseased rats SRD + chia seeds for an additional two months.

Examination–  During the second examination, after dyslipidemia and diabetic rats, were fed chia seeds + SRD for two months, they completely recovered from their conditions.
The researchers also discovered that the dietary addition of chia seeds also reduced visceral adipose tissue, a “belly fat” tissue that affects the metabolism of the body and is a component of obesity.

how chia seeds benefits diabetes
Chia plant

Bottom Line:

Chia seeds are very beneficial and help treat many diseases. It controls blood sugar levels and is high in antioxidants thus making it anti diabetic.







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